Michele Thompson

I am apart of this great group and climb. I’ve got a little over 5 months clean, it took me 25 years, this group and support to get 5 months…. I almost lost my life and my leg because of my using. My climb is not over it never will be , I may even relapse one day, however I know if I do Its OK to start over better that than death.I love this group that holds my hand everyday , these doctors. Nurses .and counselors helps me everyday to learn to love myself again. Thank you doctor rob ,doc B , every nurse and counselor, for coming to work every day to love me till I can truely love myself

Explanation of History and Treatment Process

These videos were extremely beneficial when it comes to understanding how and why Basecamp operates the way they do. They covered the history behind addiction and recovery as well as their treatment process. Not only do the videos share details about the science behind addiction and the effects of certain drugs, but they also walk you through each step of the treatment process and why it is important.

Easy to Understand

I registered and went through the modules. They are excellent. I look forward to getting to see any other modules you create. Nice job! Dr. Borland teaches welll! While I liked them all and feel all of them are extremely well done, I especially liked the explanation of dopamine and the disease of addiction—Very clear and succinct yet extremely easy to understand at the same time.

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