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I am apart of this great group and climb. I’ve got a little over 5 months clean, it took me 25 years, this group and support to get 5 months…. I almost lost my life and my leg because of my using. My climb is not over it never will be , I may even relapse one day, however I know if I do Its OK to start over better that than death.I love this group that holds my hand everyday , these doctors. Nurses .and counselors helps me everyday to learn to love myself again. Thank you doctor rob ,doc B , every nurse and counselor, for coming to work every day to love me till I can truely love myself

Michele Thompson 
Michele Thompson

These videos were extremely beneficial when it comes to understanding how and why Basecamp operates the way they do. They covered the history behind addiction and recovery as well as their treatment process. Not only do the videos share details about the science behind addiction and the effects of certain drugs, but they also walk you through each step of the treatment process and why it is important.

Cole F. 
Cole F.

I registered and went through the modules. They are excellent. I look forward to getting to see any other modules you create. Nice job! Dr. Borland teaches welll! While I liked them all and feel all of them are extremely well done, I especially liked the explanation of dopamine and the disease of addiction—Very clear and succinct yet extremely easy to understand at the same time.

Debi E. 
Debi E.

I really enjoyed watching this lecture series and learned SO much from it. I believe it is very important to have basic knowledge regarding drug and alcohol addiction, especially in Columbus where there is a worsening opioid epidemic. After watching this lecture series, I feel better equipped to understand and help my community when it comes to substance use disorder. As a college student, I am often faced with people having different alcohol and drug consumption. Alcohol and drug use is normalized and even encouraged, so knowing what a substance use disorder is and what treatment looks like is so important.

Lily J. 
Lily J.

The “Begin Your Climb” series is unmatched in its educational value. The information is presented in an understandable and relatable way, even for someone who has never known much about substance use or substance use disorder. I really enjoyed Dr. Borland’s explanations backed by science because it helped me truly understand, and I feel much more knowledgeable about this increasingly relevant topic. I definitely recommend watching this series!

Elizabeth J. 
Elizabeth J.

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Does the material cover alcohol and all types of drugs?

YES. The courses provide education on Substance Use Disorder and addiction, regardless of drug of choice.

If I know someone who is using. Will these classes help me?

Yes. The courses will provide you with a better understanding of addiction and how to cope with and gain independence from someone that is using.

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Not at this time. You have been selected for a free screening of the courses and will be given a PROMO code to avoid any charges. We only ask that you register, complete the courses and take the survey.

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